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New Homeowner List

Millions of Americans buy new homes each year.  Being in a new city, these homeowners have yet to establish relationships with those that will provide them services. Having above average incomes, these homeowners will have specific purchase needs, and they are open to both direct mail and telephone promotions. They will spend more on their new home within the first few months of their move-in than they will in the next couple of years.  Because they have just undergone to most intensive credit screening of their life, they are ideal for major credit purchases as well as insurance products.  Pinnacle Data can put you in touch with these highly responsive prospects at the time they are establishing their new buying patterns.  

Here are some examples of why you should be targeting new homeowners:

  • Spends more money during the first six months in their new home than the average family spends in two years.

  • Have greater purchasing power and need a greater variety of products and services than the average family.

  • Establish new buying patterns within the first few months of moving.

  • Are extremely credit worthy.  They have just passed the most difficult credit check of their lives...obtaining a mortgage.

  • Are responsive to an offer of your services and/or products whether it is by mail, telephone, or in person.

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